Homebrewed Blues

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“To hear Jeremy Spencer back with this, his best so far, in my opinion, is exciting. I’m so proud of the way many of the blues-rock musicians from the 60s have matured into really beautiful artists with depth and finesse. This seems to be an instrumental album, judging from the samples, and it’s beautiful in its restraint and arrangements. The accordion on some cuts adds a nice atmospheric touch. Really interesting album.”
—An Amazon Review

You may have heard, or heard of, this rather obscure, little-publicised album of home-recorded tracks by chance; through a casual internet search or from a blues aficionado friend. Whichever way, you may appreciate a brief explanation of its reason for existence!

Those of you who are familiar with my recent musical output may recognise a few of the tunes, and their being presented as instrumentals may raise questions. In short, from the aptly-titled opening track on this collection, I wanted to ‘shut up’ and let Mona (my hand-crafted guitar) do the ‘talking’!

Homebrewed Blues is a solo endeavour, hence the choice of my Alter Egos as unobtrusive back-up musicians, all of whom (but for the occasional blues-inflected flourishes on the piano), allow Mona to take centre stage; and rightly so, as she can sometimes ‘say’ it better than I can!

With all this in mind, I hope you enjoy my latest offering.

Jeremy Spencer, December 2016

Track list:
  • Mona Speaks Her Mind
  • Perilous Times
  • A Glimmer of Hope
  • Lopin’ Along the Trail
  • Wake Up Blues
  • Taken with Her Eyes
  • Marlene
  • Tears and Mirth
  • Yearning Heart
  • Theresa’s Tears
  • Who Said They?re Dead
  • Down at the Cornerstone
  • The Haul of Fame
  • Stompin’ the Blues
  • Night Train to Wonderland
  • Longing for the Days
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