(All art work by Jeremy Spencer)

Boundless (2021)

There is an overall slightly bluesier tone to this collection. Fellow guitarists especially, will notice my occasional dabble with finger style lead on a couple of tracks: 'Elusive Fragrance' and 'Fair Warning' in particular. Read More

Melancholy Moon (2021)

The overall 'tone' of Melancholy Moon is, as its title suggests, melancholy, but I hope that the music, and the accompanying single imparts some needed comfort, empathy and peace. Read More

Steady On (Single, 2021)

For now, I will be mostly posting singles of my music, hopefully, to ensure each 'piece' gets maximum attention! Along with each one will be, as was before for an entire album, an appropriate piece of my artwork to 'illustrate' the feeling or theme of the track. I will not go into any interpretation of these pictures; I prefer leaving such elucidation to the listener! Read More

Waiting on Shore (2020)

Those familiar with the Western Irish coastal region of Sligo, will recognize the statue depicted on this album cover. Waiting on Shore was inspired by this statue of a woman reaching out in hope and prayer and, as the inscription reads, reflecting "…the age-old anguish of a seafaring people who watched and waited for the safe return of loved ones…" Read More


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